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Hello!  I’ve noticed that we’ve had a small influx in Japanese speaking visitors recently, and I decided now might be the time to put forward a proposal that I’ve been considering for some time now. Would any of the readers be possibly interested in a Japanese translation of Cold Ghost?

If you are interested, or have some thoughts you would like to contribute, please feel free to comment below.

最近、日本から読者や日本語が読める読者などが沢山になっているそうので、少しお聞きしたいことがある。Cold Ghostのことですけど、お読者様は、Cold Ghostの日本語の翻訳にお興味にお持ちでしょうか。今日はGoogle Translationを読んだとき、とても面白かったと思ったですが、本物の翻訳を少し書きたいと思っています。


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Hokay then!  A little while ago, I asked you lovely, lovely readers if you would be interested in extra stories as possible voting incentives, or just in general. The majority have said yes. Now I would like to know what KIND of stories you would be interested in, and your choices are*…

The Shinjuku Diaries: These would essentially be chronicling Yukihiro’s life as a young gang member, and what he got up to with Terashima and Suzuki, how he got involved in the yakuza. These would probably be fairly violent in content.

The Ontario Diaries: This option could give you several possibilties. The first is charting Joel and Nathan’s relationship, the second Joel’s hijinks at college, the third Nathan’s time as a police officer. This option is more likely to have sexual content, but it will probably be a fluffier option than any of the others.

New Material: Is very Ronseal, does exactly what it says on the tin. It would just be flash fiction, whatever was cooking up in my head. I might request buzzwords now and again. This option is pretty much anything goes.

Minor/Incidental Character Vignettes: Do you think poor Miki back in the Prologue doesn’t get enough love? Do you just wish there was more of Grandpa Moss, or Max? Want to know what Liu was like before this story kicked off? Vote for this option then!  No clue of what will happen here, but it’ll be down to reader demand.

I’m open to suggestions, and don’t feel shy to comment.

*NB: These will have more imaginative names once they are written.

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Basically, I’m just trying to brainstorm ways I may be able to generate interest, and I was wondering, Dear Reader, would you be interested in Bonus Stories, possibly provided on Top Web Fiction?

Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

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So I’ve been looking into things like top web fiction and Twitter and trying to get Cold Ghost out there, and I’ve been thinking about the possibility of offering you guys voting incentives like bonus stories or extra updates if we do well.

I know this is fairly early on in the game, since I’ve only recently committed myself to a fortnightly schedule. Things have been a bit rough here for the past few months, but I think that this could be a worthwhile venture.

The question is, what do you guys think? Please vote and comment! I’m not sure if I’m up for doing complete smut pieces yet, though it is a possibility. And I would definitely consider doing character background pieces as voting incentives. Art is another option, but I’d prefer to avoid it if I can, because my art skills aren’t exactly fantastic at the moment…