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Cold Ghost: Chapter 17

WARNING: Arr, there be foul language ‘ere!

Author’s Note: Apologies for the delay. I was travelling, and thought that I would have access Free Wi Fi to upload this. Sadly, due to the inclement weather in the UK I was stranded for hours on a train platform and did not return to the place where I would be staying until very late.

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Chapter 16: No Where To Run To


Chapter 18:


Chapter 17: Use Somebody

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Just to inform you that no, I have not been eaten by a smarmosaurus.

Sadly, the month of November exploded, and I have been inundated with Real Life things, such as work and paper work for my work and course work for my training for my work. Looking at the updates, I realised that the last time I updated was at the end of October, and I do apologise for this unannounced hiatus. It came out of no-where, and before I knew it, November had come and gone.

I was called to my home town to pick up a large chunk of my belongings, and I have a large chunk of course work that is due in next week. Luckily, I have done most of it, but it still needs to be typed up as my trainers have an online submission system because it is an off-site class. I have Chapter 17 of Cold Ghost written up, but I have decided I should hold back until my other deadlines have been met for obvious practical reasons. Hopefully, Cold Ghost will then return to its usual schedule and I may have some catch-up writing time during the Winter Break.

I did notice however, that we had a huge surge in hits during November, especially from the Slash Pile. To any new visitors, thank you very much for dropping by and I hope you have enjoyed what you found here; please feel free to drop me a message. To my regular readers, thank you for your continued support at this time.

I am hoping that perhaps I can put up some Ontario Diaries to distract you in the mean time, which will happen some time this week. Cold Ghost will re-commence on the 17th of December 2010.