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Synopsis: “They say it’s grim up north… Don’t really have a clue, do they?”

‘Ontario Diaries’ is a series of prequel vignettes to ‘Cold Ghost’, told from Joel’s point of view. It will follow various vignettes in his life in the follow-up to the story opening of ‘Cold Ghost’, fleshing out his back story, as well as those of some of the cast on his side of the story. These chapters are intended to be light-weight reading, will contain heavier content much earlier on than the main Cold Ghost plot line.


Part 2

The Ontario Diaries: Part 1

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This is the second version of ‘My Last Wilderness’ – the previous version has been private-locked, but I may downgrade to friends-lock in the future. I’m hoping to restart writing it, but Cold Ghost will be my primary concern and My Last Wilderness will probably be following a monthly update schedule, whereas I am hoping to keep to a fortnightly one with Cold Ghost.


Synopsis:  It’s the near future and it isn’t pretty. The world has been hit by a virus, and it’s taken its toll on life and society. Those uninfected were forced to fall back within "seclusion areas", and those infected were left behind in the urban wildernesses to fend for themselves.

We moved forward some 20-odd years and Sam Morton is a psychologist trained at the First British University. He grew up in a pretty prviledged position within a prime seclusion area. But he’s cocky and nosey, which is never good for your health and starts to ask too many questions about "Project Venice" housed down near Coventry, so the highers up decide send him along with a military aid team, and assign him to gather research on a possible group of survivors in a seclusion area previously thought lost.

But things aren’t what they seem, as they never are. And it doesn’t help that an old friend of Sam’s is in charge of the military end of the expedition either…