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Other People’s Writing:

Letitia Coyne Fiction by Letitia Coyne

The God Eaters by Jesse Hajicek

The Antithesis by T.L. Whiteman

Addergoole by Lyn Adler Thorne

Shadow of the Templar by M. Chandler

Dead Boyfriend by Seth Gray

Daron’s Guitar Chronicles by Cecilia Tan

Dorian’s Quest by Tonya Moore

Corvus by L Lee Crowe

Wonder City Stories by Jude McLaughlin

 Shimmer by Miranda Sparks

Web Comic Links:

Evil Diva

Questionable Content

Penny and Aggie

Freak Angels

Red String

Abandon: The Last Vampire/Love Is In The Blood


Japan Links:

Japanese Sub-Culture Research Center

 Kawaii Kakkoi Sugoi

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