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Announcement: Back on Track

Well, it’s been a while, hasn’t it readers?

Apologies for the lack of updates over these past months. There’s a long answer, but the simple answer is that my postgrad work load, coupled with some system shake ups at works, have meant that I haven’t had the energy to get into the place I need to be for writing Cold Ghost. I suppose that comes across as a weak excuse, but it’s simply how things have been for me.

With this in mind, I’m hoping that by summer, my initial training will be all nicely wrapped up and I might have at least a larger buffer under my belt in order to proceed. Until then, Cold Ghost will remain on an irregular update schedule at best.

In the mean time, if you just can’t wait and want to see my everyday rambling, you can check out my tumblr. Fair warning, it doesn’t have a lot of web-fiction related content and does have lots of content on social justice, cats and kimono.

For those of you who are still fans or reading after all this time, thank you so much. I hope that Cold Ghost can get back on track and you’ll enjoy where the story goes from here.


Hello reader, it’s been a long time, hasn’t it? Some things have been in the pipe line, and I would like to pass along the good news!

On April 11, 2011 there will be the release of the first volume of Dreamers of Dreams: A Webfiction Anthology. This will be an Ebook release, released simultaneously on several popular Ebook and webfiction stores. It is a free book containing excerpts and opening chapters of several web fiction novels currently available for free online. The works that will be included in this anthology include works that have been completed and novels currently being serialized.  There will be a large range of genres available in this anthology, with everything from science fiction, urban and high fantasy, murder mystery and more dystopian apocalypses than you can shake a Boomstick at.

The intended aim is to try and introduce readers to new stories and serials that they may not have heard of, and raise the profiles of newer writers who are showing promise and are putting themselves and their works out their on the internet. There are also hopes that this is anthology which shall be released on a regular (but as of yet, undecided) basis.

Volume one of Dreamers of Dreams will include the following authors and stories:

Ted Campbell             – Flyover City!

Eva Shandor               – Cold Ghost

Cassandra Stryffe      – Zombie Diapers

Bex Aaron                   – Independence Day

J.J. Adams                  – The Undeadslayer

Alexander Hollins        – Phoenix 2125

Rebecca Wilson          – Soul Chaser

Christopher Wright      – Pay Me, Bug! 

Kyt Dotson                  – Black Hat Magick

G.L. Drummond          – Enter the Weird

Miladysa                      – Refuge of Delayed Souls

Meilin Miranda                        – Scryer’s Gulch

M.E. Traylor                – Guts and Sass

The anthology has been compiled and distributed by DreamFantastic Publishing. If you’re looking for more information on the anthology, or would like to find out more about the individual authors who are involved with this project, take a dander over to http://www.dreamfantastic.com/anthology/

Even more exciting, a .99 cent edition of the anthology, the Author’s Support Edition, will be sold starting the end of April. Why should you buy this? Because it will contain additional bonus content from many of the authors involved in the project, some of which may not be available on their sites as of yet. You would also be supporting the authors and their works by purchasing this edition, and showing support for your favourite web serials. For those Cold Ghost fans wondering what will be in it for them, I am including a polished chapter for the regular edition, and will be writing an previously unseen short story for the Author’s Support Edition, which you will be able to vote on at the bottom of this blog post.

If you havea any questions or concerns, or even if you are interested in being included in future anthologys, you can contact the fantabulous Alexander Hollins at Editor@dreamfantastic.com.  Hopefully as and when the anthology does live, I shall link my lovely readers to it, so they can discover more material.

EDIT: If you vote other, or vote for the third option, then please PLEASE comment and clarify! If you all vote for supporting character and then don’t state which supporting character you are voting for, then it makes it much harder to write this vignette!

I just wanted to say a big hello and a HUGE thank you to all of my visitors who have come over from the Slash Pile on LiveJournal to take a look around. You guys broke my previous hits record! I hope that you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read today. 🙂

For those of you unfamiliar with The Slash Pile, it is a fabulous community run on LiveJournal, and it is run by the equally fabulous potatoe1988. It’s mandate is to bring you the very best in gay ficition on the web, but there are a few comic, book and movie reviews up there as well, so I highly recommend rummaging around. Although if you are a bit delicate, I would warn you that most of the stories tend to have very mature themes.

PS: If you have enjoyed your visit to the Salsa Bazaar, please show your support by either voting for Cold Ghost on Top Web Fiction, or writing a review at Web Fiction Guide. Your continued support is always appreciated.

I have also updated the Question Time section of this site, and it is now the Contact section instead.

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PLUG: Web Fiction Guide

So, the lovely editors at the Web Fiction Guide very graciously accepted my submission ‘Cold Ghost’ for their listings, it’s only proper I give them a shout out back. You can find them here:


It’s an awesome resource if you’re looking for more stories and fiction on the web, and I’ve managed to find some real gems on the website. There’s an extensive fantasy section, and all the stalwarts like Seth, Meilin Miranda and Jesse Haljieck (sp) are up there.

Here is the link to the Cold Ghost page: http://webfictionguide.com/listings/cold-ghost/
And here is a link to my profile on the site: http://webfictionguide.com/shelves/intergal/

Web Fiction Guide

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