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Yakuza 3 – Reviewed by Gangsters

Interested in the Yakuza and how they work? Look no further!

A friend linked me to this review of Sega US’s latest game, Yakuza 3. She’d asked me about Cold Ghost, and then said I might enjoy this. Interesting thing is, the review has been done by 3 yakuza bosses, conducted and translated by Jake Adelstein, a former crime reporter living in Tokyo and author of Tokyo Vice.

While admittedly, the bosses do not actually explain the yakuza system, they do comment on the realism and unrealistic parts of yakuza life as portrayed in the video game, and give us some insights on day-to-day life. If you’re curious, or looking to be entertained for the next fifteen minutes, give the review a peek.

Link to the Review


I just wanted to say a big hello and a HUGE thank you to all of my visitors who have come over from the Slash Pile on LiveJournal to take a look around. You guys broke my previous hits record! I hope that you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read today. 🙂

For those of you unfamiliar with The Slash Pile, it is a fabulous community run on LiveJournal, and it is run by the equally fabulous potatoe1988. It’s mandate is to bring you the very best in gay ficition on the web, but there are a few comic, book and movie reviews up there as well, so I highly recommend rummaging around. Although if you are a bit delicate, I would warn you that most of the stories tend to have very mature themes.

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