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Announcement: Back on Track

Well, it’s been a while, hasn’t it readers?

Apologies for the lack of updates over these past months. There’s a long answer, but the simple answer is that my postgrad work load, coupled with some system shake ups at works, have meant that I haven’t had the energy to get into the place I need to be for writing Cold Ghost. I suppose that comes across as a weak excuse, but it’s simply how things have been for me.

With this in mind, I’m hoping that by summer, my initial training will be all nicely wrapped up and I might have at least a larger buffer under my belt in order to proceed. Until then, Cold Ghost will remain on an irregular update schedule at best.

In the mean time, if you just can’t wait and want to see my everyday rambling, you can check out my tumblr. Fair warning, it doesn’t have a lot of web-fiction related content and does have lots of content on social justice, cats and kimono.

For those of you who are still fans or reading after all this time, thank you so much. I hope that Cold Ghost can get back on track and you’ll enjoy where the story goes from here.


Just to inform you that no, I have not been eaten by a smarmosaurus.

Sadly, the month of November exploded, and I have been inundated with Real Life things, such as work and paper work for my work and course work for my training for my work. Looking at the updates, I realised that the last time I updated was at the end of October, and I do apologise for this unannounced hiatus. It came out of no-where, and before I knew it, November had come and gone.

I was called to my home town to pick up a large chunk of my belongings, and I have a large chunk of course work that is due in next week. Luckily, I have done most of it, but it still needs to be typed up as my trainers have an online submission system because it is an off-site class. I have Chapter 17 of Cold Ghost written up, but I have decided I should hold back until my other deadlines have been met for obvious practical reasons. Hopefully, Cold Ghost will then return to its usual schedule and I may have some catch-up writing time during the Winter Break.

I did notice however, that we had a huge surge in hits during November, especially from the Slash Pile. To any new visitors, thank you very much for dropping by and I hope you have enjoyed what you found here; please feel free to drop me a message. To my regular readers, thank you for your continued support at this time.

I am hoping that perhaps I can put up some Ontario Diaries to distract you in the mean time, which will happen some time this week. Cold Ghost will re-commence on the 17th of December 2010.

You may have guessed from all the capslock, but I finally have internet again. The hiatus for ‘Cold Ghost’ is almost over.

I say ‘almost’, because I have a teaching interview on Monday morning, and I feel that that needs to be my number one priority. It’s wonderful to have the web back, and it’s wonderful to be considering the prospect of updating ‘Cold Ghost’ and continuing the story. But I’m going to have to delay Cold Ghost’s full return until after this interview.

The good news though, is that I am a glutton for punishment. And just because I’m not updating right now does not mean I won’t be writing at all. You see, I’ve signed up for WeSeWriMo 2010 and set myself a target of 20, 000 words over all. Not very impressive sounding I’m sure, but since I have a lot of IRL things to prepare for, it’s still a tall order. One of my other aims is to have an increased update schedule this month – it may not always be a full chapter of Cold Ghost, I’m hoping that after Monday there will be more updates on the site in general. I might even get up some Ontario Diaries or Shinjuku Diaries for you!

Thank you for all of your patience during this difficult time. I do sincerely hope that you enjoy ‘Cold Ghost’ and continue to read it.

Many apologies for the lack of update on Friday and lack of communication. I apologise, I realise this is unprofessional and I shall explain myself forwith.

In short, not last Thursday but the Thursday before, it was confirmed that I had acquired gainful employment, which is wonderful. On the downside, my new accomodation does not have internet access, and is unlikely to have any until August. I don’t even have access before I start work, or just after I finish it. In order to leave you all this message, I’ve had to pop around to a friend’s house and gank their access, but this is not something I can be doing constantly, especially around my current work schedule.

This unfortunately means that ‘Cold Ghost’ must go on an importu hiatus until I have proper internet access. Once again, I apologise for my lack of posting and not being able to notify you of this better. I hope sincerely that you will continue to support ‘Cold Ghost’ on Top Web Fiction and Web Fiction Guide, and will continue to read it when it starts updating again in August.