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Chapter 16: No Where To Run To


Chapter 18:


Chapter 17: Use Somebody


Sometimes in order to get results you had to get your hands a little dirty. This was a precept that Suzuki was no stranger to. It didn’t particularly bother him, so long as it was done properly, minimum fuss and nothing could be traced back to the Hanaoka family.

It was all part and parcel of his job after all, codified, a prescribed role.

But then Ohno-kun had done something foolish. He angered the Yoshida and rather than stay and face the storm, disappeared. He left no word for Suzuki, no explanation of what had occurred. Not even Terashima Aniki would elaborate, beyond giving Suzuki the number for Ohno’s contact. Something had been taken, Suzuki knew that much. The way all of the other families seemed not to know anything, was highly unusual – there was always an idiot braggart who claimed to know more than he was capable of understanding. The crows were all silent.

The silence from the Osaka and Nagoya families was to be expected; this was not their turf. The Kobe crime lords at the top of heap had always made their position on friction between smaller families clear, that they should sort it out themselves. Yoshida had grown in power, but not even he could rival the Yamagata quite yet, safe in their concrete fortresses.

 It was the fact that even the other Tokyo families like the Matsumoto, the Iwasaki, the Homs and the Gao, and members of his own conglomerate, the Hanaoka, were suspiciously ignorant of the details of what had happened that made Suzuki worried. The balance of power had been slowly unfurling in Yoshida’s direction over the past twenty years. Only the Sun Kee Fong, with their international web of resources seemed to have any interest in helping.

Then, when he was finally close to catching up to Ohno-kun, the stupid boy got his face splashed all over the news. Well, that was something of an annoyance. It made it that much harder to clean up matters quietly.

The cops were all over it now, news broadcasts made on all the local channels and a very rough, unflattering artist’s impression of Ohno-kun plastered all over the screens. How was he supposed to extract the fool lad now?

So far, the Gao family had remained silent about the events of the Golden Lotus, and as far as Suzuki was concerned that was a smart move. He and the boys had done Gao Zhou a favour when they had shot up half of the Golden Lotus. Yoshida had made an over-sight when he had gotten his trigger-happy half brother involved in these things. Eddie’s involvement in business with Tokyo families was an indulgent courtesy at best.

As for the rumours of Ohno-kun taking a hostage – that had to be a load of crap. Bear probably didn’t even leave that poor bastard’s bones behind, he reckoned. Whatever the poor fool was up to, if he didn’t bring of the home gang with him then he must have wanted to go it alone.

Luckily for Suzuki and his boys however, another lead had popped up when Ohno-kun’s face had popped up on the evening news. He had been connected to a vicious bear attack, leaving one survivor visible. A word with Zhou meant someone did some rummaging and asked some questions for them, and came back with a name.

The idiot had a few names, but one stuck out. Jareth Morioka, who was Eddie’s right hand man and a first-rate nut job, was laid up at the University of Toronto hospital. Jareth had a reputation amongst even his own as being blood-thirsty and violent, probably even a sadist of some kind.

And it was for this reason, that Suzuki’s darker nature was taking immense enjoyment at sitting by Jareth’s sickbed with his cohorts by his side, frightening the life out of Jareth. At least what life was left in him anyway.

“Hello there, Morioka-kun. How are you getting on?” he asked brightly, sticking to Japanese for now.

This was the part of the job that Suzuki loved. When the arrogant light winked out of the little bastard’s eyes, when the fear took over his expression, it was just magical to watch him choke on his own short-sightedness, on his boss’ failure in sending him. He’d never even considered for a moment that there were bigger, more dangerous predators that had chosen to join in the hunt for Ohno-kun.

“Why, I’d almost say that you look unhappy to see us. How rude of you Morioka-kun, when we went to all the trouble of finding you hospital and coming to visit you in this awful weather…”

Morioka coughed hoarsely before battering back in English; it sounded like phlegm was building up inside him.

“You… can go fuck yourself, old man. You can’t touch me here, every fuck wit with half a brain knows it. No-one even knows your boss’s name anymore…” more coughing interrupted Morioka’s stream of bile. “You’re a has-been… ain’t gonna get respect from some fresh punk… Cops want me alive, Suzuki. Gonna let me testify… Ain’t your territory…”

Suzuki flicked his eyes towards Toru – no words needed. Blinds were flipped, and Toru hunched down in a seat just by the door, his gun rig in an easy reach. Casual passers-by would assume he was a bored visitor, and he could peer down to the nurse’s station.

Then, Suzuki leaned forward himself, not bothering to stand over Morioka.

“You think I’d let you testify, you little parasite? Fucker, I’ll end your miserable existence here and now. Don’t think for a moment that you can keep hiding behind Eddie Yoshida for the rest of your life, and don’t think for a moment that it will break the cops’ hearts if your miserable ass chokes to death on your own vomit,” Suzuki hissed.

“Don’t even realise how easy it would be, do you? You think I need my gun to take you out? You’re barely even alive! I could just twist one of your tubes round my finger, you’d go into some kind of arrest or fit. You’re only staying alive as long as you’re of any use to me.”

“Wouldn’t… you wouldn’t dare…”

“Don’t tell me what I will and won’t do, punk. Who the hell do you think taught Ohno, trained him up? What you will tell me, is what you know about why Ohno is on the run. How you found him. Or I will twist your IV and pop your bloated head off.”

That was Suzuki’s final offer. Jareth chose to accept: he started to spill his guts, about how they had poured pressure on the Gao Family, had kept his eyes open for any John Does. He spilled out a lot of stuff, and Suzuki sat there, just listening and waiting.

Suzuki knew now, that it was only a matter of time before Eddie Yoshida had someone erase Jareth, but the little fool could still be of use to him. Fear was a powerful weapon and motivator.

He was going to use it.


Chapter 16: No Where To Run To


Chapter 18:


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