>Title: Dorian’s Quest
Author: Tonya Moore
Format: Web Fiction, Serialised Novel
Address: http://www.tonyamoore.com/serialized-stories/nyacene-record-dorians-quest/dorians-quest-chapter-1.html
Genre: Science Fiction, Gay Fiction, Adventure, Space Opera


Dorian’s Quest funnily enough, follows Dorian, a prince and assassin who has landed himself in a whole heap of trouble. As of writing this review, there are nearly fifty chapters or so available, but I’m only a few chapters in reading, so this review will most likely be updated once I get through all of the backlog now that I have internet again.

On starting Chapter 1, we’re plunged straight into the thick of the action: there’s no opening exposition, but it does aid the urgency of Dorian’s situation. The hero is in at the deep end and so are we as readers.

Thus far most of the chapters are fairly bite-sized, and you can burn through several chapters in one sitting. I’m not yet sure if I’m convinced of the relationship between Dorian and his former paramour and guardian but it is also made clear to us that Torrin is not telling Dorian the whole story nor the whole truth, setting us up nicely for some future conflict. If you enjoy fluffier tales of BL you may settle into this story quite nicely, though at the same time there seem to be some sub/dom relationships implied but not really explored in the early chapters, so it can seem a tad uneven that way.

One issue I do have is that navigation is somewhat awkward. The next or previous chapter buttons aren’t very obvious, so in order to go through the story I kept having to go back to the top of the index page until I eventually found the navigation buttons.

In short, I think that those who enjoy their space operas with a BL twist may well be pleasantly surprised by this story. Expect a re-review once it is completed.