Many apologies for the lack of update on Friday and lack of communication. I apologise, I realise this is unprofessional and I shall explain myself forwith.

In short, not last Thursday but the Thursday before, it was confirmed that I had acquired gainful employment, which is wonderful. On the downside, my new accomodation does not have internet access, and is unlikely to have any until August. I don’t even have access before I start work, or just after I finish it. In order to leave you all this message, I’ve had to pop around to a friend’s house and gank their access, but this is not something I can be doing constantly, especially around my current work schedule.

This unfortunately means that ‘Cold Ghost’ must go on an importu hiatus until I have proper internet access. Once again, I apologise for my lack of posting and not being able to notify you of this better. I hope sincerely that you will continue to support ‘Cold Ghost’ on Top Web Fiction and Web Fiction Guide, and will continue to read it when it starts updating again in August.