Recently, the updates have been a little late going up, and I do apologise for this. In my defence, both update days occured on Fridays when I was VERY busy, the second of which, I had to attend a training conference. Unfortunately, yet again I will be travelling on an update day, and in a worst case scenario, may not be able to update until Tuesday UK time, as I have an important interview to prepare for on Monday. Hopefully, I will be able to prepare myself adequately in the next two days, and this will not be a problem.

I will also be relocating in the near future, and I am as of yet unsure about internet arrangements for the new abode. This is merely a ‘shout-out’, if you will. As soon as I know anything that will negatively affect my updating abilities, I will of course let all of you know about it as an announcement. Thank you so much for your continued support and patience.

As always, I very much appreciate people leaving ratings or reviews on Web Fiction Guide, or voting for ‘Cold Ghost’ on Top Web Fiction. It doesn’t take more than a few seconds to vote, and it raises our profile dramatically, and while reviews obviously take a little longer, they provide me with excellent feedback to make ‘Cold Ghost’ better. In fact, if we hit the top 10 of Top Web Fiction, I’ll be offering the first part of the Ontario Diaries as an incentive, and if we hit the Top 3 (aiming high here, guys!), I’ll be offering artwork/sketches as well. So get votin’!