>Title: Addergoole
Author: Lyn Thorne-Alder
Format: Web Fiction, updates twice weekly
Address: http://addergoole.com/
Genre: Dark Fantasy, Coming of Age, Drama, Urban Fantasy

Review: As of writing this review, I think I’ve finished the first book of Addergoole and am almost half way through the second; it’s a fascinating read. There are quite a few reads on the internet that cover fae-in-high-school or the magical coming-of-age style of story, but Addergoole is definitely one of the most sophisticated of these stories.

The basic storyline follows three adolescents who have recently joined the Addergoole School, whose students and staff all have ‘special abilities’. Over the course of the story, we discover that the denizens of Addergoole are all different kinds of fae, and that the students are to be trained in their various powers.

Through out Book 1, more sinister goings on are hinted at in the background and in Book 2, the darker nature of the school’s real purpose and atmosphere is drawn out. The book is well paced, and the characters are believable within their situation. There is an element of sexual tensions and dealing with sexuality and gender identity as a theme, but unlike other serials, you’re never slapped in the face with it nor patrionised to. Readers are made aware of it, but the writing is always very clever.

I would warn the faint of heart and those who like a fluffy OTP, you’re unlikely to find joy here. Addergoole is unashamedly moody, and there are a few dom/sub relationships – it’s something that becomes a dominating theme (no pun intended – you get shot for punning where I come from) after Book 1, though it is hinted at during Book 1. There is no Tinkerbell or General Toot-toot to save the day, no magic dust to make the characters’ trails easier.

Addergoole is an excellent piece of web fiction, and I do highly recommend it. I gave it four out of five stars on Web Fiction Guide! But if you as a reader, are more High School Musical than Battle Royale, then read it with the lights on.